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Senzar Learning Center Presents...

Sedona Gathering 2018

Taming Your EMF Environment
September 28-30

Advanced workshops October 1-3. See details at the bottom of this page.

The Sedona Gathering is an opportunity to interact in-person with fellow Senzar students and to participate in specialized training designed exclusively for this event. This year's Gathering is focused on the often confusing subject of how to properly measure and mitigate EMF exposures, including electric fields, magnetic fields, dirty electricity, and high-frequency radio waves from sources like your WiFi router, your computer, your phone, smart meters, the bluetooth and GPS systems in your car, nearby microwave masts, and more.

What you need to know

If you want to stay healthy in the years ahead, you need to start taking your EMF exposures very seriously. The amount of research that is piling up on this subject is massive. You need to know what your exposure sources are, how to measure these invisible energies, and how to reduce your exposure if it's excessive -- and for most of you, it is. The trick is how? It can be really confusing to know exactly what to do, what meters to buy, what type of shielding products to use, if any. If you don't know what you're doing, you can make your situation much worse than it already is.

This is a hands-on event!

At this event, you're going to get loads of fantastic hands-on experience in dealing with the measurement and management of EMFs. You'll learn how to use a variety of EMF/RF meters, and you'll test real-life situations. You'll get to see and feel and experiment with a variety of shielding materials and devices. You'll get to make your own body voltage meter to take home with you. You'll learn about resources for buying EMF/RF meters and shielding materials, and how to shop smart for all...and much more.

Who is eligible to participate?

The Gathering is open to all. Whether you are new to Senzar trainings, or have been a student for many years, you will enjoy and benefit greatly from this experience. Advanced training courses are available after the Gathering for those students who qualify. See the links to those courses at the bottom of this page.

All the details:

Friday, September 28, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
The Best Remedy for EMF Exposures

The best medicine for EMF exposures is to get away from them all and spend time with Nature. As such, we'll start the Gathering by doing just that! Bring a bagged lunch and meet-up with Michele and other Senzar students at Bubbling Ponds in Page Springs for a delightful and heart-boosting experience at this very special place. Spending time in this High Light zone will give your body major relief from EMF/RF exposures, heal aura damage, and more.

After lunch, we'll walk the Dragon Path and do a star tuning exercise along the way. You'll meet two mammoth Cottonwoods who are tending after young seedlings that Michele and long-time Senzar student Bryan Smith recently transplanted in this area. You'll learn how trees can help you reduce electrostress symptoms, and much more. You'll mingle with scores of Nature spirits, who will surely tickle your heart. We'll cap off the day by enjoying a local ale at the nearby Grasshopper Grill. Ahhh!

Saturday, September 29, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Effectively Managing Low Frequency Exposures (ELF)

  • What are the sources of ELF and how much is too much exposure? Get the scoop on the ELF levels you should aim to achieve in your home and office environments, and the likely health effects if you don't.
  • Learn how to accurately measure electric and magnetic fields, good meters to use (try them out at this class), and common mistakes to avoid
  • Review the action steps you need to take to reduce strong electric and magnetic fields
  • Learn how to do plug testing to see if your electrical outlets are wired properly (you'll get to take your plug tester home so you can check your home/office environments right away).
  • Learn about the grounding and wiring issues your plug tester may miss
  • Learn about shielding options - experience before and after treatments to feel the difference
  • See the proper way to ground ELF shielding paints and other materials
  • Test your body voltage and learn why it's important to routinely do this
  • Build your own body voltage meter at this class - materials included!
  • Learn when grounding mats might benefit you, and when they'll likely cause you harm
  • Learn how to test for and reduce dirty electricity in your home/office spaces, and why it's crucial to do this often
  • Learn how dirty electricity filters work - what they actually do and why this can sometimes make matters worse.
  • See/feel the before and after effects of reducing dirty electricity
  • Learn about diet changes and exercises that can strengthen your ELF resilience...and more!

Saturday Evening, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Fun, Friends, and a Yummy Meal

Take a break to see some Sedona sites, or to do a short hike, and then meet up at Gerardo's Italian Kitchen for a fabulous meal and Senzar camaraderie.

Sunday, September 30, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Effectively Managing Radio Frequency (RF) Exposures

  • Review the latest research on health effects of prolonged RF exposures
  • Learn how to measure RF levels in your home and office - experiment with the top two meters that Michele recommends for this
  • Learn strategies for pinpointing the sources of RF radiation that you detect, and/or the direction it's coming from
  • Test and experience an Eco WiFi router
  • Test and experience the difference between an Ethernet connection and a wireless internet system
  • Test and experience a Router Guard and other router shielding methods
  • Measure the radiation levels of home and neighborhood smart meter radiation
  • Learn 2-3 different strategies for effectively reducing/eliminating smart meter RF
  • Measure the strength of RF radiation you're exposing yourself to when you turn on your tablet and Smartphone
  • Learn best strategies for reducing RF exposures from your wireless devices
  • Learn how to properly apply Y-Shield paint as an RF shielding method (test and experience the before/after effects for yourself)
  • Review the do's and don'ts of shielding your space with shielding fabrics and other materials
  • See and feel and test several RF shielding fabrics
  • Get a list of recommended sources for RF shielding materials
  • Learn about the dangers of full coverage shielding canopies and shielding clothing - experience the upside and downside for yourself
  • Learn about the natural energies that you need that many shielding strategies block, and how to compensate
  • Learn about diet changes that can boost your RF tolerance...and more!

Registration Fee: $650

Fee includes participation in all training sessions and field experiences, materials to build your own body voltage meter (which you will do on Saturday), a free plug tester to take home with you, lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday night.

Training locations:

Training and field experiences will be conducted in Sedona and Page Springs. You will need your own transportation to get to and from the training locations, or coordinate ride-sharing with other participants.

Getting to Sedona and lodging options:

The nearest airports to Sedona are the Flagstaff airport (1 hour from Sedona) and the Phoenix airport (2 hours from Sedona). From either airport, you'll need to rent a car or book a ride on one of the airport shuttle services. Sedona has scores of lodging options, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, RV parks, camping, self-catering house rentals, and room rentals. For tips and website links to help you with your travel and lodging arrangements, click here

Boost Your Fun Factor

Sedona is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on our planet. Consider staying an extra day or two to enjoy the area and to make the most of your travel dollars.

Mid-November is a beautiful time of year to visit - perfect for hiking, taking a drive up Oak Creek Canyon to enjoy the autumn colors, visiting the old mining town of Jerome or the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, or just goofing off and exploring the Uptown Sedona shops or the 40+ art galleries in the city.

For a list of fun things to do in the area, visit the Sedona Chamber of Commerce website.

Register today for this year's Sedona Gathering!

Senzar Advanced Courses
In-Person Training After the Sedona Gathering

Monday, October 1, 2018 - Advanced Code Busting & Spirit Send-Offs - In this program you will learn the Senzar Memory Key Method, a highly effective method for clearing past life belief codes. We'll also discuss advanced strategies for handling particular types of discarnates, including ET spirits, fairies, trolls, yeti, angels, archangels, and more. Discarnate attachments and chakra links involving these beings can be excruciatingly painful, highly distracting, and fatiguing. For full details and to register, click here.

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 2, & 3 - Breaking the Chains That Bind Us - This is the most comprehensive training program available on the planet on how to effectively deal with the wide variety of energetic exchanges and psychic/emotional entanglements that commonly and not-so-commonly occur between people, places, and objects. In this course we will review over 60 types of non-beneficial exchanges, and you will learn specific procedures for dealing with each. For full details and to register, click here.