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Helping Troubled Species

with Instructor Michele Fitzgerald

With the power of subtle energy technology, it is possible to help troubled species, both on a local and worldwide level.

Dowsing, a simple, yet powerful subtle energy management too, can be utilized to shift circumstances, to communicate with animal and plant life, and to access information on how to best help the creatures that need assistance.

Other subtle energy tools and techniques can also be helpful. Thousands of years ago, ancient cultures knew how to harness the power of terrestrial and cosmic currents. They established a global communication system that was not only used to communicate, but to "broadcast" creative forces to any point on the planet. They knew that properly cultivated and effectively directed creative forces can significantly shift circumstances for people, places, plants and animals. We can revitalize this technology to solve many modern problems.

As an example of the potential of successful subtle energy management, here is a story of Michele's experience with a colony of prairie dogs who were in desperate need of a helping hand:

March of the Prairie Dogs

One Sunday afternoon, after completing a lecture about communicating with animals, I was approached by a college professor who asked if I might be able to help him save a colony of approximately fifty prairie dogs who were going to be gassed so that a soccer field could be installed in their territory. This professor loved prairie dogs and had spent many years of his life studying them.

By jumping through many legal and political hoops, the professor managed to gain a stay of execution for a previous colony of prairie dogs who had occupied the same territory about a year prior. In that case, he and a group of volunteers were given several months to capture all the prairie dogs and relocate them to another area.

Regrettably, the city planners who wanted to install the soccer field did not do so as planned, a year went by, and a new colony of prairie dogs settled into the same habitat. As the city planners got back on task with the soccer field plan, the professor knew it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to get the city to wait for this new group of prairie dogs to be captured and moved. So, he decided to get creative, and that's where dowsing, animal communication, and a pinch of ancient technology came in.

I told the professor there were no guarantees, but I would be happy to try and help the prairie dogs. I asked Jack Baxter, a terrific dowser and friend, to assist and he agreed. We knew nothing about prairie dogs, but that's why dowsing is so valuable---you can access information on anything---even prairie dog behavior and what type of action steps would have the greatest likelihood of success when it comes to moving a group of prairie dogs from one spot to another.

As for the relocation destination, we had hoped for a field nearby, but the professor's ideal plan was to move the prairie dogs to a protected prairie dog habitat that had been established by the university and would ensure long-term protection for the group. This meant we would have to get the prairie dogs to not only leave their burrows, but walk about a half mile, over a mini-mountain, and then merge successfully with the prairie dogs that already occupied the area.

There were many details involved in preparing for the project. We first had to do some "information dowsing" to figure out how to best coax or scare the prairie dogs out of their burrows. For this we dowsed that we needed to create a strong thought form and saturate it into their habitat , creating the impression that their burrows were caving in. This "scare tactic" was going to require repeated and amplified thought projection done over the course of numerous days at specified times. All the best times dowsed to be very late at night or in the very early morning (1:00 or 2:00am). When it came time to carry out the thought projection, Jack and I did it from our own individual houses in our home town, which is an hour drive from the project site.

We also needed to create an enticing pathway for the prairie dogs to follow, where they would feel safe and protected as they made their journey. For this we created and anchored an energetic "tunnel of light" from Point A (the current zone) to Point B (the target) and saturated the tunnel with energies that would attract the prairie dogs, protect them from predators and other dangers, and make them feel so safe they would not hesitate to follow the pathway.

Thirdly, we needed to negotiate with the colony of prairie dogs that already occupied the target zone, to see if we could get them to agree to let the new group merge with them. Prairie dogs are somewhat territorial, making this a vital step. We were successful and the prairie dogs agreed.

Lastly, to accomplish all of the above, we need to enlist the service of the Spirit of the Prairie Dog species, who agreed to help convince both groups of prairie dogs to do whatever our thought forms were directing them to do.

In appropriate order, these steps were implemented, along with a few others that came up during the process. It took us about two months to accomplish the goal, but to our amazement and everyone else's, we did. The professor, who monitored the prairie dog head count at Point A during the project, reported that in the days just before the gassing of the original field, only two prairie dogs were spotted in the zone. A couple of weeks had gone by prior to that, with no spottings in the zone. He said the recent spottings were probably newcomers, who upon finding the abandoned field, took it over as their own. Not so good for them, but for the fifty or so that survived, Jack and I felt pretty good about this outcome.

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