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About Your Instructor

Michele Fitzgerald founded the Senzar Learning Center in 1997 and has served as Training Director for the Center since its inception.

Michele has an extensive training background and is a highly energized and engaging teacher. She owned and operated a successful sales training company in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. In 1993 she moved to Sedona, Arizona, and a few years later, transitioned from mainstream training to the work she does today.

Michele is an accomplished intuitive with a wide range of highly developed psychic skills, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and  dowsing.  She uses her intuitive abilities for practical and spiritual applications and has taught thousands of students how to do the same.

Michele's passions are learning, teaching, and exploring the unseen realms. She has found that applied intuition can greatly enhance and accelerate any learning process and provides the means to investigate aspects of creation that few people understand or even know exist.

One of her most fruitful intuitive endeavors has been her research on the subconscious mind and her decryption of unconscious thought patterns that she calls "belief codes". Her involvement in this work and her examination of over a million belief codes in the past twenty years has convinced her that belief codes are at the root of all human suffering.

In 2008 she published Chasing the Shadow of Free Will, an introductory book on this subject that reviews fascinating before-and-after case studies involving belief codes and methods for escaping the clutches of these limiting thought patterns.

For fun and for a shift of gears from her daily intuitive work, Michele loves communing with the Nature Kingdom and exploring ancient mysteries. She has been conducting investigations of the subtle energy dynamics at ancient archaeological sites and at naturally occuring power spots for decades.

Michele believes that the ancient engineers who designed the colossal stone monuments, like Maeshowe in Orkney and Newgrange in Ireland's Boyne Valley,  had extraordinary knowledge of the subtle energy realm. She believes that they knew how to communicate with the intelligences of Nature, and that they used advanced power-of-thought applications in their work. She foresees the day when the science of these masterminds will be understood and utilized to solve many modern problems.

Click here to learn more about Michele's background and the meaning of the word "Senzar".