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Chasing the Shadow of Free Will

An Introduction to Belief Codes

Learn 8 simple techniques to erase subconscious thoughts that are sabotaging your success. 

Learn how to make your positive thinking finally pay off!

If you believe the popular hype that positive thinking will help you attract whatever you want in life, you are on the right track, but may be sorely disappointed if you rely on positive thinking alone. WHY?  Because much of the thinking you are doing is happening at a subconscious level--completely outside your conscious awareness.

In addition, you hold many thoughts at a subconscious level that were not even created by you--they were acquired from someone else. These acquired thoughts are just as potent as your own thoughts and can easily block you from the positive experiences you desire.  

Learn how to erase hidden thoughts that foil
your best efforts

In this training program you will learn 8 simple techniques for tapping into your subconscious thought inventory, and how to delete specific thoughts--belief codes--that are blocking your success. When you couple your positive thinking efforts with these additional mind-management strategies, you truly can attract the positive life experiences you desire and deserve. 

What experiences can these methods help you attract?

Here are just a few of the many positive outcomes students have attracted by utilizing the methods that are reviewed in this training program: 

  • More loving relationships
  • Improvement or total resolution of health issues
  • Increased income
  • Rapid career advancement
  • Improved work conditions
  • Material goals, such as cars, houses, vacations, more money in the bank 
  • Selling houses more quickly (even in tough market conditions)
  • Elimination of fear
  • Reduction or elimination of allergies
  • Weight loss and improved physical appearance
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic fatigue symptoms
  • Reduction or elimination of depression
  • Reduction or elimination of body pains
  • Finding the right and perfect mate
  • Expanded ability to express and experience love
  • Increased confidence
  • Expanded self-awareness
  • Heightened intuitive ability 
  • A elevated sense of connectedness to everything and everyone

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What makes this program different?

Most Law of Attraction and Power of Belief books and training programs are great, but present a very basic understanding of the manifestation process. If the ideas you've tried so far are not working for you, you need to go to the next level.   This program is the next level.     

What you need to know that other programs leave out:

The type of thoughts that produce negative outcomes in life are judgmental thoughts -- meaning they express a judgment about you, or someone else, or about the way life is supposed to work.   These judgmental thoughts create belief codes, which are then used by you as operating instructions for creating and directing your life experiences.  

Your inventory of belief codes is incredibly vast. You create belief codes during the entire course of your soul journey and you acquire many codes from your ancestors.  The bulk of these codes lie outside your conscious awareness, yet they are very influential--often far more influential than the conscious beliefs you hold.   A few examples include:

If you want to have more control over what you attract in life, you must manage  ALL your beliefs effectively--including the beliefs codes in your subconscious vaults.    

The bottom-line:

  • Most of your judgmental thinking is being done at a subconscious level.        
  • Many of the judgments (belief codes) that you and your ancestors made in the past are completely erroneous or not applicable to modern life.  These erroneous beliefs play havoc with your life and are the root of most of your negative experiences.  
  • To manage these thoughts you need to know how to access your subconscious mind.
  • Tools like hypnosis, meditation, dream-work, and various forms of psychotherapy can help you do this, but they take too much time -- sometimes hundreds of  erroneous belief codes need to be collapsed to shift your circumstances and attract what you want.
  • If you want to manifest what you desire in a reasonable amount of time, you need a much faster way to get into the subconscious mind and delete troublesome beliefs.   

This program provides FAST methods for
accessing subconscious beliefs!

  • Learn how to use simple muscle testing and an ancient skill called "dowsing" to access the subconscious mind at warp speed.
  • Learn 8 easy techniques for deleting the belief codes that are hindering your success.
  • Read case studies that will inspire you to put these techniques into action -- if someone else can do it, so can you!

Who developed this program?

This program was developed by master dowser and subtle energy expert Michele Fitzgerald. Michele has been involved in subtle energy and mind-science applications for over thirty-five years.  For the past two decades her work has focused on helping herself, students, and clients improve life circumstances with power-of-thought strategies.  During the course of this time, she has cleared  millions of belief codes.

Michele's knowledge of belief codes, how they originate, how they affect the human experience, and how to clear these codes from the memory system is tremendous. 

By participating in this training and applying these techniques, you can make significant improvements in your life circumstances and greatly enhance your awareness of your personal power.

Will this program solve all your problems overnight?

Highly unlikely, although that is possible.   What this program will certainly do is give you a KEY to the manifestation puzzle that very few people possess.  With this key, and enough effort on your part, you can and will shift any circumstances that you want to shift. You can and will attract any outcome in life that you desire.   

What's included in the program?

This training program is in the form of a 110 page e-book (pdf file) that can be downloaded instantly.   Course content includes: 

  • How you create belief codes and how you acquire them from others.
  • The role past life experiences play in belief code development.
  • How original belief codes generate new codes over time.
  • How the language of the codes affects you.
  • Case studies to show you REAL LIFE examples of the effects of belief codes and how rapidly circumstances shift when the appropriate codes are cleared.
  • Detailed instructions, including photos, on how to develop the basic dowsing or muscle testing skills that will allow you to quickly access your subconscious mind.
  • Step-by-step instructions on 8 different techniques you can use to clear subconscious belief codes.
  • Charts and lists you will need to do effective belief code clearing work.


How much does all this cost?  

Only $29.95!  

P.S.  If you buy this program today, you'll receive 
a bonus seminar ($34.95 value) for FREE.  

Order now and you'll receive a recording of one of Michele's top teleseminars -- Attracting Good Fortune. This seminar is a terrific compliment to the belief code training you are about to experience.  The recording is a 1-1/2 hour digital recording (Mp3 file) that you can download in just a few minutes.  You will also receive a detailed course outline to guide you through the program and other course materials (all in pdf format) that will help you immediately implement what you learn. 

How will this seminar benefit you?  

Clearing belief codes is incredibly important, however, deleting troublesome codes simply produces a blank canvass for you to create upon with no resistance. There is another vital component to manifesting the positive experiences you desire. You need to fill the canvass with a powerful positive thought form that clearly defines your objective and will help you attract what you want.

If you do not complete this positive action step, you will create nothing, or you will produce a less than perfect version of what you really want -- or worse, your subconscious mind will go on a hunt for anything to fill in the empty space, and soon enough you will find that your template of creation is once again muddied with emotional goo and undesirable thought forms.

You attract what you hold in your mind and energy field.

Look at the life experience you are having right now -- every little piece of your life is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings you are holding most predominantly in your mind and energy system. Strategically raising the appropriate positive energies can help you rapidly change anything you don't like in the picture of life that is showing up for you at this time.

In the Attracting Good Fortune seminar, you'll learn advanced techniques for magnetizing the experiences you desire -- and you'll have great fun doing it.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How to identify and raise powerful and potent "attractor" energies in you and your environment.
  • How to leverage your positive energy raising efforts with the use of earth energies and cosmic forces.
  • How to improve the flow of all good things into your life by clearing chi blocks in your environment.
  • How to rise above the "doom and gloom" chatter that your conscious mind is hearing from the media everyday, and that your subconscious mind is hearing every night on the Earth grid system (a subtle energy communication network that connects us all)....and more!!!

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The price of the 110 page Chasing the Shadow of Free Will belief code clearing program, plus the 1-1/2 hour recorded seminar Attracting Good Fortune with related course materials, is  only $29.95.

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The information and techniques reviewed in these courses are only a small portion of the full body of information about belief codes and related subjects that Michele has collected. If you enjoy what you learn in these first two courses, make sure to check all the other learning opportunities that you can access through this website.