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Senzar Advanced Training

Advanced Code Busting & Spirit Send-Offs

Monday, October 1, 2018 8:00am-6:00pm
In-Person Training in Sedona

Course content includes:

  • Senzar Memory Key Method- This a highly effective method for clearing past life belief codes that involves remote viewing through time to find specific memory anchors (memory keys or 'pins') that are holding your old trauma files together. Pull the pins and your subconscious mind will stop referencing these trauma experiences forever more. The method is not only a superior strategy for clearing very old and otherwise hard-to-clear codes, but is also very revealing in regards to your past life history.
  • Spirit Send-Offs - Learn advanced strategies for handling particular types of discarnates, including ET spirits, fairies, trolls, yeti, angels, archangels, and more. Discarnate attachments and chakra links involving these beings can be excruciatingly painful, highly distracting, and drop-you-to-your-knees fatiguing.

Prerequisites to participate: Intermediate level dowsing skills (yes/no/list dowsing/counting); an understanding of Senzar belief code theory (as discussed in Chasing the Shadow of Free Will); and inner visioning skills are required for this course.

Registration Fee: $250

Register for Advanced Code Busting and for Breaking the Chains That Bind Us, and save $150. Purchase your bundled workshop package below: