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November 11 & 12, 2019 in Sedona

Senzar Symbols & The Fountain of Youth

with instructor Michele Fitzgerald

Mankind has forever been tantalized by the concept of immortality. Around the globe and for thousands of years, stories have been told about a magical spring - a fountain of youth - that cures diseases and extends the lifespan of those who drink or bathe in the water. Alchemists in ancient times sought the Philosopher's Stone, a substance that could transmute base metals into gold or silver, and that also held the key to living forever. Then there is the Holy Grail, a legendary object, or perhaps a body of knowledge, that grants eternal happiness and longevity to whoever finds it.

Are all these stories simply myths, or can human beings, indeed, eliminate the experience of disease and greatly expand their lifespans by acquiring the right esoteric formula to do so?

For over forty years I have been acquiring knowledge about an ancient language called Senzar, which may be the legendary Holy Grail, and certainly has the power to vitalize the physical body. I first heard about Senzar in 1976 from my metaphysics teacher,  Maxine Cardinal.  Maxine did not reveal much about Senzar,  just the word. She had gained her knowledge of Senzar from her spiritual guides, and from the works of the Russian mystic and theosophist Helena Blavatsky.

Maxine said that any student who was supposed to know more about Senzar would attract the knowledge at the appropriate time. By the age of twenty-four, and with no effort, I had attracted all printed references to Senzar that were available on the planet. My extraordinary journey involving Senzar continued from there.

The Senzar Path to the Fountain of Youth

In 1996, I experienced my first waking-state visions of the Senzar language. One day, while I was visiting with a friend, I looked up and could see geometric shapes floating in front of me. Later, I discovered that the glyphs had many useful applications. Applied properly, they can quickly harmonize discordant energies and situations, they can immediately relieve pain states, they can rapidly balancing negative emotional energies, and much more.

Senzar is the language and memory system of  Creation - it is the spiritual software of the Universe.

Three years ago I gained access to an amazing Senzar symbol that I call "The Fountain of Youth". The symbol can be used to eliminate ancestral belief coding that generates the development of physical and mental diseases, and other conditions that can create the experience of physical death.

This Senzar symbol is very much like the fabled fountain of youth. The difference is that the special water that you bathe in is not a magical spring external to yourself -- it is the energetically purified water in your own body, which the Fountain of Youth symbol can help you perpetually create.

In this two day workshop, the course agenda will include a half-day of lecture time, and then hours and hours of practice time in applying the symbol to clear inherited disease codes. By the time you finish this course, you will be very well-equipped to continue this work on your own when you get home.

Please note that the Fountain of Youth symbol is not a magic pill and will not grant you immortality.

The symbol can, however, help you cultivate a disease free aging process and avert other situations that shorten human lifespans. The procedure for properly utilizing the symbol requires advanced intuitive skills, mental and energetic stamina, and the diligent application of the proper formula for using the symbol.

Also be aware that your receipt of the symbol and the related training will not give you license to share this information with anyone else, or to use the symbol to help anyone else. This knowledge is for your exclusive use.

Prerequisites to participate in this program include:

1) Participation in the 2019 Sedona Gathering event Nov 8-10

2) Well-developed dowsing skills and strong inner visioning skills.

3) Proficiency in the Senzar Permissions Method, which is reviewed in Chasing the Shadow of Free Will - An Introduction to Belief Codes and in many Senzar training videos.

4) At least one year active and consistent participation in Senzar online training programs.

November 11 & 12, 2019 in Sedona
Registration Fee: $550

Class size is limited to 8 students. Register ASAP to guarantee your participation.