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Senzar Symbols

The word Senzar is the name of an ancient language that was referenced by Helena Blavatsky in her classic works, the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled.   According to Blavatsky and others, Senzar was a sacred symbol language that was used by adepts of the ancient mystery schools.

Michele Fitzgerald, founder of the Senzar Learning Center, first learned of this obscure language in 1976 from her metaphysics teacher Maxine Cardinal.

Over the next twenty years, a series of synchronistic events brought more information about Senzar to Michele's attention.   In 1996,  she began seeing symbols, eyes open, fully conscious, and as she describes, "like someone was projecting the glyphs onto a movie screen inside my head".

The Senzar Symbol Collection now includes over 2,000 glyphs and descriptive keys that can be used for a broad range of applications. Participation in the Senzar Symbols Training course includes a copy of this amazing collection and instruction on how to use the symbols in a multitude of ways, including:

  • To improve health, finances, relationships, and more.
  • To rapidly discharge negative emotional energies generated by you or acquired from other people.
  • To clear present life, past life, and inherited belief codes.
  • To minimize or eliminate fatigue and chronic pain.
  • To strengthen your personal electromagnetic (EM) field. Why does this matter?
  • To balance noxious energy zones in home and office environments.
  • To expand intuitive abilities and improve the clarity and quality of intuitive messages.
  • To open the heart and accelerate spiritual development...and more!


What Does This Program Include?

  • 8 hours of online, recorded audio-video training with instructor Michele Fitzgerald, accessible for one year after you register for the program.
  • Excellent audio-video quality, with slides throughout the presentation to highlight key points and enhance your learning process.
  • 24 hour access to the recording - review the program at your convenience and preferred learning pace.
  • Course includes the Senzar Symbols Collection of over 1,900 glyphs and descriptive Senzar "keys". The Collection will be sent to you by regular mail, which usually takes 2-3 days for US deliveries and 7-10 days for international deliveries.
  • A detailed course outline and related course materials are provided with the program in the form of PDF files. Materials are emailed to you on the day that you register for the course.
  • A PDF copy of all program slides is provided to facilitate easy note-taking during the program and to use as reference material after you have completed the training.
  • A private telephone tutorial (1 hour ) with course instructor Michele Fitzgerald after you have completed the online training. The tutorial serves as a wonderful opportunity for you to work with Michele one-on-one to review questions and/or to obtain supplementary training as related to the specific issues you want to initially address with Senzar Symbols applications.
  • The completion of this program qualifies you to participate in intermediate/advanced Senzar training courses that Michele offers from time to time, including her most popular advanced course,
    The Latest Poop.

Participation in the Senzar Symbols Training program is upon approval only. To be considered, candidates for this training must have actively and consistently participated in Senzar online trainings and workshops for at least three years. Advanced dowsing skills are required for this program, or basic dowsing skills with strong clairvoyant abilities. A strong working knowledge of Senzar belief code clearing techniques , with evidence of successful application, is also required.

If you meet these requirements and have an interest in this training, please contact Michele Fitzgerald for more details and to apply for participation in this program.