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Helping Your Loved Ones Cross Over

All too often, the people and pets who we dearly love do not make a smooth transition at the death point and can linger in a state of confusion and fear for months, even years, not knowing how to escape their disembodied plight.

This seminar reviews important steps you can take before the death of your loved ones, and before your own death, to set the stage for a smooth out-of-body transition.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Situations and emotional states that prevent a smooth transition
  • What happens when souls do not smoothly transit - where are they?
  • Modern problems with Spirit Tracks (the bright Light people see when they die)
  • Not everyone should go into the Light - understanding the options
  • Handling basic spirit attachments - single spirits and large clusters
  • Pre-death preparations to pave the way for an easy and timely crossing
  • Post-death steps to ensure a smooth transition
  • What to do if your loved one gets stuck?
  • Advanced strategies for high-trauma cases
  • Dealing with your loss, including clearing belief codes that amplify grief
  • Energy raising and prayers for other lost souls
  • ...and more!


Proficiency in dowsing or muscle testing is required to participate in this course. Well-developed inner visioning skills are recommended, but not mandatory. Proficiency in Senzar belief code clearing techniques and inner journey methods are also recommended, but not essential for this introductory course. Ultimately, you will need to develop these skills if you want to be of service in difficult crossover cases.

The annual open-enrollment period for this course is now closed. Add your name to the Senzar mailing list to get announcements next year about this program when it is offered again, and to stay updated about other courses as they become available.