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Geopathic Zones: 20 Common Causes & Cures

with instructor Michele Fitzgerald 

In this two-part, intensive, online video training program you will learn how to detect & balance geopathic zones, which are subtle energy situations within or upon the Earth that can:

  • Plummet the Light/Life force of your living environment
  • Deplete your vital energy
  • Cause aches and pains
  • Weaken your immune system
  • Retard your body's natural healing capacity
  • Cause cancer and other life threatening diseases
  • Disturb memory function
  • Disrupt heart-brain coherence
  • Stimulate moodiness, depression, and irritation
  • Create restless sleep, nightmares...and more

Topics of discussion include:

  • Learn what a geopathic zone is and common causes of these situations.
  • Review common health symptoms and other outcomes of exposure to these zones.
  • Review specific dowsing questions to determine where these zones exist.
  • Learn how to pinpoint specific geopathic problems and determine appropriate remedies using detailed dowsing charts...and much more.


Dowsing skills required, including the ability to get yes/no answers, do list dowsing, and find direction with dowsing.

The annual open-enrollment period for this course is now closed. Add your name to the Senzar mailing list to get announcements about this program when it is offered again next year, and to stay updated about other courses as they become available.