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Vitality Jump-Start

Subtle energy dynamics of the super-charged life

Join subtle energy expert Michele Fitzgerald on the first and third Wednesday of each month for a unique coaching and training program that will help you repair, strengthen,
and upgrade the subtle energy blueprint that underlies the physical reality of you.

The condition of this blueprint impacts your health, your emotional well-being and self-confidence, your financial fitness, and most importantly, your vitality level.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is a reflection of your life force. It is your level of energy and strength. It is the power to grow and to survive. It is physical or mental vigor. It is the power to endure.

When your vitality level is high, everything seems possible. It's easier to stay healthy. It's easier to stay motivated. It's easier to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

This program is for individuals who want to boost their vitality level and reap all the benefits of a highly charged life.

During two group coaching sessions each month, Michele will guide you through subtle energy check-up routines that will help you boost your vitality, and will positively impact other life categories, too.

Components of your subtle energy system that you will monitor include:

  • Subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFS)
  • Aura condition
  • Primary body elements (CHNOPS)
  • Heart-brain electromagnetic fields
  • Overall Spirit Unit condition
  • Polarity balance
  • Color connections between brain hemispheres
  • Chakra links and other highly impacting human influences
  • Environmental influences
  • Channel of effective support systems
  • Spirit attachments
  • Active belief codes

If you don't know what all of these items are, you'll learn more about them as you participate in the bi-monthly coaching sessions. You'll also get free access to a collection of powerful, vitality-related videos that can help you improve your subtle energy management skills.

Do note that to participate in this coaching program, you must already have basic dowsing skills and you must have participated in Senzar trainings for at least one year.

Coaching sessions will be conducted using Zoom, so participants can interact directly with Michele via the chat box or voice contact. Each session will be recorded, so if you cannot attend the live event, you can watch the video later. You can participate in the Zoom meetings via your computer and most mobile devices.

What Will You Experience in Each Session?

Michele will give you step-by-step guidance as you dowse the 12-point checklist to determine you current condition in each category -- this includes giving you the specific wording to use in your dowsing process to increase your testing accuracy.

As time permits, she will also step you through the correction process for many of the checklist items. Corrections for some items will require more time, in which case, you'll do the corrections on your own after each session. To answer extra questions and to sweep up loose ends, Michele will host a 30-minute Q & A session immediately after each coaching segment.

And there's more!

In addition to your two coaching sessions each month, you'll receive periodic emails with information and tips related to solar influences, other cosmic influences, earth energy activity, and collective consciousness influences.

These large-scale influences can negatively impact your vitality, your mental clarity and memory, your emotional balance, your blood sugar and hormone balance, other body balance issues, pain states, and even your manifestation abiliities,

Monthly Subscription Fee: $95

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Your first two coaching sessions are June 5 and June 19, 2019, 11:00am-12:00pm PDT, with a 30 minute Q & A immediately after. All coaching sessions and Q & A sessions will be recorded, and group participants get access to the recordings for a full month following the live sessions.

You will receive instructions on how to access the Zoom meeting room immediately after you pay your registration fee. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact Michele at senzar@sedonaportal.com.