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Speed Things Up with a Private Session

Senzar sessions can help you get where you're going in record time, shift negative circumstances faster, and help you shorten your learning curve with the self-help subjects reviewed in Senzar seminars.

If you purchase an EMF Tune-Up session, the session will be handled via Zoom Video Conferencing (a computer with video camera is required), or Skype. Skype calls will not include video. Michele will call your landline phone or your cell phone from her Skype account.

EMF Tune-Up Session

When functioning properly, the human heart and brain generate strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that benefit us tremendously in a number of different ways, including:

  • These fields help protect us from invasive energies, including psychic/emotional energies from other people and places, and even from germs and bacteria.
  • These fields automatically combust much of our own negative emotional energy, which helps us stay on a more positive mental/emotional track every day.
  • These fields play a vital role in the manifestation process, acting like a type of glue that holds our positive thoughts together long enough for us to attract the positive experiences in life that we desire...and more.

In recent years, a combination of man-made and naturally occurring conditions, such as WiFi broadcasting, cell phones, ultra-busy lifestyles, workstyles, chemical exposures, and even diet trends are playing havoc with our heart-brain electromagnetic fields. The disturbance to your fields might be a little or a lot - it will depend on your situation and your sensitivity level. The fact is, everyone is experiencing EMF dysfunction to some degree these days, and that includes you.

Symptoms of EMF dysfunction can range from being bothersome to being completely debilitating, and can include:

  • Fatigue - mild or major
  • Isolated or full-body pain (fibromyalgia)
  • Brain fog
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disruption
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Joylessness
  • Loss of general motivation
  • Depression
  • Inability to generate passionate feelings about anything
  • Difficulty increasing your income or achieving other goals
  • ...and more!

    While the symptoms noted above can be generated by a wide range of causal factors, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's likely that you would benefit greatly by taking steps to upgrade the strength and integrity of your heart-brain electromagnetic fields.

    Michele's Story

    After almost two years of suffering from debilitating fatigue and chronic pain, along with a massive plunge in my business success and extreme difficulties in nearly every category of my life, I found that the root of my problem was the condition of the electromagnetic (EM) fields associated with my heart and brain, and the fact that these fields had been weakened tremendously by various situations.

    As it turns out, a dysfunctional EM field, whether related to the heart, the brain, or both, is incredibly impacting. Not only do our EM fields play a crucial role in protecting us from invasive, non-beneficial energies, but the fields generated by these two particular organs also play a vital role in the manifestation process, acting like a type of glue that holds our positive thought forms in place long enough to attract the outcomes we desire.

    I am a master manifestor and an expert in power-of-thought applications, yet during the time period when my EM fields were so highly dysfunctional, not only did negative circumstances engulf me, I could not shift any of these circumstances, no matter how hard I tried.

    Finally, I had an explanation for why my manifestation efforts were not working. After several months of implementing steps to improve the condition of these subtle fields, my fatigue disappeared, my pain levels dropped, my manifestation abilities went back online, and all my chaotic life circumstances started improving. What a relief!!!!

    Here are some of the outcomes that other people have experienced by improving the condition of their heart-brain EM fields:


    I've had an awful brain squeeze, fog, scrambled thinking experience daily for the past two 2 yrs now. Come to find out it's all been tied to my EM field,which was at about 2% function level all that time, largely due to WiFi and cell phones. Anyway, I've been really diligent in monitoring my EMF and what a relief! No more scrambled egg brains - when that feeling comes back I know it's my EMF that I need to restore. Thanks a million for that!!!! Also, recently, my husband had minor knee surgery and recovery was going really well until one day he started complaining about quite intense pain that would not abate day after day. The doctor had no explanation. I checked his EMF and he was also below 5%. I restored him to 100% and he pain is almost completely gone!
    L. Fontana

    My heart is back online and I've experienced a major reduction in chronic fatigue.
    E. Rice-Townsend

    Positive synchronicities at every turn. Fantastic! R. Zuses

    I was like you, Michele -- nearly unable to walk in the morning. Every time I would sit or lie down, it was nearly as painful getting up again. And standing for any length of time was impossible. By taking the steps you suggested, I have reduced the pain by 90% and looking forward to doing more work on it. Also, I'm not nearly so fatigued.
    C. Morris

    Schedule Your EMF Tune-Up Today

    During your session Michele will evaluate your heart-brain EMF condition, pinpoint situations that have weakened your fields, and give you her best recommendation on the action steps you need to take to restore your EM fields to optimal condition.

    Please note that EMF Tune-Up sessions are diagnostic and advisory sessions only. You will conclude the session with a list of recommended to-dos, most or all of which you will be able to implement on your own, and some of which you may need to seek professional help from elsewhere to complete.

    EMF Tune-Up Session - $165.00

    After your purchase, you will be contacted by email to set up your session date(s). Please allow up to 24 hours, as Michele will be following up with you from Ireland.