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Seminars are listed in alphabetical order below.

To fully benefit from most of these programs, you first need to read  the e-book Chasing the Shadow of Free Will - An Introduction to Belief Codes, or review the more comprehensive video training on this subject.

Any of the recorded programs noted below that do not require this minimum preliminary training about belief codes are marked as such.

Dowsing or muscle testing skills are required for most of the seminars noted below. For a free online dowsing lesson, click here.

All the seminars noted below are recorded copies of teleconferences that were presented in 2008 and 2009. The knowledge and techniques reviewed in these seminars is timeless, remaining pertinent and useful today and for years to come.

All Senzar audio recordings are 1-1/2 to 2 hours in length, or longer, and are sent to you by email in the form of an MP3 file. MP3 files are digital audio files. You can download these files to your computer to maintain a permanent copy of this training material. The MP3 files can be played with any digital audio player supporting MP3 playback (e.g. Windows Media Player, iPod, MusicMatch, iTunes, QuickTime, etc.). Course materials, including detailed outlines of each program, accompany each recording and will also be sent by email in the form of PDF or JPG files.

All About Ghosts
Bothered by things that go bump in the night or by hitch-hiking visitors in your energy field? Being attached (or even worse - chakra linked) to a disembodied spirt is usually incredibly draining and can influence many aspects of your life. More commonly, spirits get stuck in zones of missing time in your environment -- there are probably a few hanging out there now, unbeknownst to you. In this seminar you'll learn to patch up your environment so spirits don't get stuck there, and how to help discarnates that are attached to you move along to a better location for all parties involved.
Attracting Good Fortune
In this seminar you'll learn how to magnetize the experiences you desire and have great fun doing it. Topics of discussion include:
  • How to identify and raise powerful and potent "attractor" energies in you and your environment.
  • How to leverage your positive energy raising efforts with the use of earth energies and cosmic forces.
  • How to improve the flow of all good things into your life by clearing chi blocks in your environment.
  • How to rise above the economic "doom and gloom" chatter that your conscious mind is hearing from the media everyday, and that your subconscious mind is hearing every night on the Earth grid system ....and more!!!
Boosting Self-Confidence
A lack of self-confidence or low self-worth can express itself in many ways. Perhaps you don't share your opinions with other people because you don't think they will value what you have to say. Perhaps you have always worked at mediocre jobs for minimal pay even though you are qualified to command a much better position and more income. Perhaps you attract and stay in relationships where you don't get much in return. Perhaps you feel intimidated by people who have achieved more success than you have, or people who have more money than you have, or people who have a better education.

Regardless of how you are short-changing yourself in life by underestimating your value, this seminar will help you find and clear the belief codes that are attracting your experience.

Brilliance in the Workplace
Whatever your particular objective is, this seminar will help you shine in your chosen field. Learn how to clear belief codes that prevent you from experiencing your highest potential and how to raise energies in yourself and your environment to maximize your success
Clearing Codes That Cause Chakra Links
Chakra linking is a type of co-dependent energetic bonding that occurs as a result of belief codes and unresolved emotional issues. When this type of energetic exchange happens, the individuals who are linked together can acquire a wide range of energies from each other, including emotional energies, and even energies that can manifest physical conditions.

As an example, if you are linked with someone who is frequently depressed, you may find yourself experiencing depression, even though this is not something you have experienced in the past. If you are linked with someone who is having financial problems, you might see a negative shift in your financial state. If you are linked with someone who is having marital problems, you might start experiencing relationship problems with your spouse, employer, or other people in your life.

Chakra linking is far more common than you might imagine. In this seminar you will learn how to detect when you are chakra linked with someone, and how to clear the belief codes and emotional issues that are facilitating the linking process.

Clearing Codes that Create Heart Dis-ease
Heart dis-ease can express itself in many forms, including physical symptoms such as high-blood pressure and heart attacks, and emotional symptoms such as depression, apathy, a lack of motivation ("I just can't get my heart into it"), a lack passion about the things you are doing in your life or within the relationships you are involved in, sadness, grief, a dullness or emptiness in the heart, a lack of joy, a sense that you are not connected to anything or anyone, loneliness... and more.

Whatever form of heart dis-ease you are experiencing, this course will help you reveal and clear the belief codes that are attracting your experience.

Core Motivations
The Senzar Core Motivation Method is an incredibly fast, powerful and effective method for finding and clearing belief codes. This method facilitates the clearing of complex codes and adaptations by isolating one of thirty-six primary or "core" motivations that have established a pre-disposition for a belief code to form in the first place. Code adaptations from a single complex code can number in the hundreds. Sometimes, thousands of adaptations can spin-off a single code. With this method, you can clear this type of code volume at warp speed, moving much more rapidly toward a positive shift in your circumstances.
Cultural Hogwash - Clearing Erroneous Ideas About Men and Women
What are the rules that men and women have to follow to survive in the world, to find love, happiness, to avoid pain? There are no rules -- but you are loaded with hundreds of bogus codes that cause you to believe there are. Your conscious thoughts, your behavior and your self-expression in life are influenced heavily by these codes, limiting you in more ways than you can imagine. Clearing these codes will not only help you improve your internal perceptions about yourself, but will greatly improve your experiences with the opposite sex. In this seminar we'll review 200 common belief codes about the roles and rules of men and women, and you'll learn how to clear them all.
$69.95  $29.95
Energetic House Cleaning
When people think about managing the energies of a space, they most often think in terms of chi flow, electromagnetic fields, geopathic energies, or psychic disturbances, like entities and ghosts. However, the most common toxic energies in home and office environments are the negative thoughts and feelings that the living occupants of the space have imprinted into the space. These standing thought forms attract noxious energies from surrounding areas and fuel non-desirable life circumstances, including health problems, relationship difficulties, and financial issues. In this seminar you'll learn how to detect and clear these imprinted energies, and more.
Environmental Malignancies
ADVANCED TRAINING - This seminar addresses one of the most toxic energetic situations affecting environments today.    What is an environmental malignancy? Environmental malignancies are imprints of clustered negative thoughts and emotional energies that stay perpetually linked to the person or group who created them whether that individual/group continues to physically occupy the space or not. This phenomenon is much like chakra linking, where the person being linked is poisoned over time by the negative thoughts and emotional energies of the "linker" -- but in this case, the poison is filling up an environment. Eventually, the strength of the thought form damages the basic matrix of the space and this opens the space to further poisoning by astral entities and another new energetic phenomenon, "the deviant ray". I believe the sudden appearance and surge of malignant thought forms is a by-product of current earth energy and cosmic conditions, coupled with the ever increasing grid chatter and large scale web development (gigantic collective thought forms created by the general public).

So, how does this affect you? This phenomenon can affect your health and stimulate cancer activity in your body or other growths in you, your pets, and the environment, such as fungus, molds, viral and bacterial infections. Malignant thought forms will influence your mental/emotional state, your general energy level, your sex drive and function... and more. You certainly will be affected if a malignancy develops in your space or is already present in your space, whether you created it or not, but you also can be affected by malignancies in other spaces, just by interacting with people who occupy malignant environments. If you become chakra linked with someone who occupies a malignant home or work space, you will go online with their space and experience the effects of the malignancy as though you were physically present in their environment.

The intention of this course is to help you learn how to detect any malignancies that are affecting you (or a client if you do client work) and give you strategies for treating this situation. Advanced dowsing and inner visioning skills are required to effectively deal with malignancies. Completion of the Senzar Image Exchange course and Senzar Symbols Training are minimum requirements for gaining access to this program. Previous experience in balancing noxious energies is highly recommended.

This seminar is 2-1/2 hours in length, includes a very detailed, 8 page outline to guide you through this process, along with training materials on Senzar Inner Journey Methods.

Eliminating Fear
Everyone experiences fear. The level of fear we each experience varies dramatically, as do the things that stimulate our fears. Some people wake up each morning with a pit in their stomach, anticipating some type of doom that never materializes. Other people have fears about social interactions. Other people fear spiders or heights, or not being able to pay the mortgage on time, even when there is plenty of money in the bank. Then there are the debilitating fears -- the heart-pounding, breath-stopping kind that totally debilitate you or cause you to step right out of yourself rather than face the circumstances. Whether you suffer from minor or major levels of fear, this seminar will provide you with numerous techniques to conquer your fears---once and for all!
Expanding Your Intuitive Abilities

In this seminar you'll learn numerous ways to amp up your intuitive skills, including easy ways to strengthen coherent brainwave and heartwave patterns, how to remove subtle energy interference that prevents clear channelling of intuitive information, how to expand your clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient capacities, and a variety of tricks for quickly activating the intuitive process when you need it.

Exploring Past Lives
Your activities over the past 10,000-15,000 years (or longer) may surprise you. An amazing number of belief codes from your ancient past are influencing you today. In this two hour seminar you will learn how to access these memories and quickly clear beliefs that are creating chaos at a subconscious level.
Five Easy Way to Clear Emotional Issues
No pre-requisites. Stuck emotional energies fuel belief codes and create all kinds of undesireable effects, including decreased energy levels, faster aging, and less than perfect health. The methods you'll learn in this class are incredibly quick and easy ways to combust negative emotional charge.
Forecasting - The Do's and Don'ts of Reading the Future
Your future is dynamic and is being created moment by moment by the thoughts and feelings you are holding. A result you predict or an event that you envision happening is NEVER 100% assured. The best you can do with future forecasting is gauge increasing degrees of probability of a certain outcome as you approach the exact moment of the future experience. Again, nothing is set in stone - some outcomes are just more probable than others.

In this seminar you will learn how to set the stage for better access and accuracy when predicting what the future holds. You will also learn how to clear belief codes that might cause your system to limit your intuitive access when it comes to reading future events. Finally, you'll learn how to gauge the likelihood of a positive outcome if you pursue a certain course of action---and how to shift a negative potential outcome to a more positive potential outcome.

Freedom from Allergies
During this program you'll learn several SUPER EASY ways to pinpoint and clear belief codes that put your allergic reactions into high-gear. Misery is optional. Runny noses, sneezing, wheezing, and all the other symptoms that come with allergic responses can soon be a thing of the past for you.
Get Off the Merry-Go-Around
Tired of dealing with the same circumstance over and over - a repeating pattern that seems impossible to break? In this seminar you'll learn a new pattern busting technique called Escaping the Cycle of Coherent Resonance. This is a fantastic method for purging your system of thoughts, feelings, and other energies you have attracted from places, people, and even other life times. By removing the signatures of these frequencies that you have stock-piled in your system, you will stop experiencing the cyclic appearance of related experiences.
Harmonizing Relationships
Any type of conflict or discomfort in relationships is, ultimately, the result of your own belief codes and the acquired or self-generated packages of emotional energy that manifest your codes into a living reality. The person you are out of harmony with is not the problem -- their behavior and the role they are playing in your life is simply a reflection of your own beliefs, and until you clear these beliefs, you will attract the same experience over and over. The conflict you experienced with your father will later express itself as the same type of conflict with your husband, or with your boss, or your next door neighbor. In this seminar, you will learn a number of techniques to find and clear the root of the disharmony in your relationships, so you can cultivate more positive, loving, and peace-filled relationships with everyone in your life.
Helping Animals Clear Belief Codes & More
Belief codes can stimulate very scary, or sometimes very sad ideas in the mind of your animal companions, eliciting behavior that is as uncomfortable for them as it is for you. During this seminar you will learn a number of techniques for helping animals clear troublesome belief codes and emotional issues. You will also learn how to monitor your pet's health, make beneficial energetic adjustments, and even how to choose the best health care professional for your pet.
I Choose Easy!
If you've been finding yourself working harder (or feeling like you have to), struggling financially, having relationship challenges, or feeling like your stress levels are skyrocketing, you are not choosing EASY. Rampant grid chatter is causing most of us to think we have to experience HARDSHIP right now, in one form or another, but this isn't true. During this seminar you will review the collective belief codes that are prompting your subconscious mind to think it has to avert EASY and create a HARDER THAN NECESSARY reality for you at this point in time. You'll learn how to quickly clear belief codes that are attracting hardhship, and how to raise powerful positive energies to attract more ease into all aspects of your life.
Increasing Income
The desire to increase income is driven by many circumstances. Perhaps you have terrific skills and loads of talent, but never are compensated accordingly. Perhaps you get paid well, but your expenses are outpacing your earnings and you need to earn more to maintain the lifestyle you want to keep. Maybe you dislike your current lifestyle and want a major upgrade. Perhaps you want to buy a new home or take fabulous vacations, or just build a nice nest-egg for the future, but you don't have any money left over at the end of the month to save for all this. Perhaps you just want to have enough income flowing in every month so you can pay all your bills on time. Whatever your motivation is for wanting to increase your income, and whatever level of increase you seek, this seminar will help you discover the belief codes that keep blocking your progress.
Losing Weight
Do you think about dieting or exercising to lose weight, but never get around to it? Or, maybe you do diet and exercise, but still can't get the pounds off? Either way, belief codes are the real root of your problem. In this seminar you'll learn some of the wild and wacky ideas your subconscious mind is holding that cause you to hold onto all that weight.
Matchmaking - Testing for Compatibility in Business & Romantic Partnerships
In this seminar you will learn how to test for compatibility with potential romantic partners, business partners, social groups and more. What if it's not a perfect match but you want to pursue the relationship anyway? Learn how to clear belief codes that will boost your compatibility score.
Opening Your Heart
Being able to feel deep love for people and for everything/everyone around you is an extraordinary experience -- perhaps the most rewarding experience one can have in a lifetime. Cultivating your capacity to feel the love that others hold in their hearts for you is also an incredibly wonderful experience. In this seminar you will learn how to clear belief codes and other energetic influences that can shut down or limit this capacity.
Removing Roadblocks
If you have been trying to shift a particular situation with no success, this is the seminar for you. You'll learn numerous tricks for flushing out deep-seated belief codes that are perpetuating your problem. This particular Removing Roadblocks session includes a strong emphasis on weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. If this is your problem, this seminar is a must!
Repairing Auras
No pre-requisites. In this seminar you will learn how to measure your aura, how to detect if any aura damage is present, and how to repair any damage you find. You'll also learn about the most common causes of aura damage and steps you can take to keep your aura in top form.
Senzar Image Exchange Technique
No pre-requisites. The Senzar Image Exchange technique is a highly effective method for clearing emotional issues, acquired frequencies (energies you pick up from other people, places, and objects), and even belief codes. This technique is also a very effective way to purge single energies that you have stockpiled in your system and are potent "fuel" sources for manifesting undesirable outcomes.

As an example, many of my relatives died from cancer, including my mother and father who both died of cancer by the time they were in their early 50's. This family history motivated me to use this technique to purge my system of all energies I was holding that had an association to the word "cancer" or adaptations of that word/idea. While my siblings have already manifested some form of cancer in their bodies (tumors, skin cancers or suspicious moles/other that had to be removed), I have not. I believe this is largely because of the purging of "cancer" energies that I did some years ago.

Setting the Energetic Stage for Selling Your House Fast
Don't let market conditions lead you to believe you cannot sell your house as fast as you want and at a good price. In this seminar you will learn how to clear energies from your house and yourself that can delay the sales outcome you want. You'll also learn how to raise powerful energies around yourself, all parties involved, and your house/land to quickly attract the buyers you want. This course is appropriate for individual owners and realtors.
Stop the Aging Clock
Biological aging does not have to be driven by the ticking of the clock. Human beings should be living many decades beyond the average age that they live today, and they should be doing this in perfect health, with sharp minds all the way, and looking fantastic too. In this teleseminar you will learn how to uncover and clear the erroneous belief codes that are ordering your body and mind to decay over time.
There Are No Victims
Who's to blame for your predicament? Belief codes...period. Pointing the finger elsewhere only delays your recovery. In this seminar you'll learn how to clear the belief codes that keep you stuck in the illusion that other people or your circumstances are holding you back, causing you pain, or perpetuating your problems.
Using Feng Shui to Uncover & Clear Belief Codes
By using basic principles of Feng Shui to examine your home or office, you can find and clear belief codes that are attracting undesirable experiences or preventing you from attracting the experiences you want. Feng Shui glitches in your space are a by-product of your own belief codes -- if you chose to buy a house with a missing "prosperity corner", you did this because you were already holding emotional issues and belief codes which, when activated, will attract problems in this category of your life. The state of your house is simply reflecting your codes. In this seminar you will learn how to use a simple grid called the Bagua to very quickly uncover hidden codes that are causing hang-ups in key categories of your life such as Prosperity, Career, Health, Relationships, and more!
What Are You Waiting For?

Have you tried everything you can think of to achieve a desired outcome in your business or personal life, and still NOTHING?

Some people don't achieve their goals because they don't take consistent action steps toward the outcome they desire. Other people stay highly focused and ACT CONSISTENTLY in the direction of their goals, but still fail to achieve them. Belief codes are at the root of BOTH experiences. Even though the path to failure looks so different, the belief codes are often the same.

Whether you are waiting to act toward a goal OR waiting to realize the results of your actions, you can benefit greatly from this seminar. In the seminar, we'll review:

  • Current grid chatter about "waiting" that could be stalling the outcome you are trying to create.
  • How this chatter can also stimulate a lack of action toward a goal.
  • Practical steps for jump-starting the achievement process, boosting the power of your thoughts, and staying on track from start to finish.
  • $34.95
    When Affirmations Don't Work, What Next?
    No pre-requisites. Attracting what you want in life requires positive thinking, however, positive thinking alone is often not enough. Many people use affirmations to help clarify and focus their positive thoughts, and they affirm, and affirm, and affirm, day after day, yet the object of their desire still evades them. Positive thoughts are incredibly powerful, but the minute you create a positive thought form, it begins to decay. In fact, positive thought forms decay much more rapidly than negative ones. A tremendous amount of repetition is often required to manifest a positive outcome. In this seminar you'll learn how to super-charge your positive thoughts to make them more potent with less repetition, plus you'll learn how to anchor the energy to get more staying power. You'll also learn to monitor your system for any positive energy deficiencies. You can easily compensate for these deficiencies once you know they exist.

    Video Recordings
    Most Senzar seminars that have been produced since mid-2010 have been presented as live video broadcasts over the Internet, versus the teleseminar format that was used in prior years. All these programs were recorded and you can access many of them through the Senzar Video Vault.